Craig Hullinger Presentation

"I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity."

  General Eisenhower before the Canadian Club, Ottawa, Canada, 1/10/46

Monte Cassino, Italy

World War 1 and II, Korea, Vietnam and the Cold War were brutal and resulted in the deaths of many people. We must work to prevent war.

We visited Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos in 2015. Bizarre having little kids pose in front of the Killing Fields monument near Angkor Wat. Everyone was touched by the war. Our driver lost his father and grandfather in the genocide that followed the war.

Nuclear weapons ensured that we could destroy our enemies and they could destroy us.

MAD   Mutually Assured Destruction

The one thing we agreed with Communists was not to destroy our countries.

Cold War Bomb Shelter

Take Cover From Nuclear Attack

So How Did We Successfully Avoid Armageddon?

Military Deterrence and People to People Engagement

Saying Goodby to our Vladimir Russian Hosts 2014

I am convinced that citizen contacts with people from around the world helps prevent wars.

Everything I learned from the Boy Scouts, Church, and social work also applied to the US Military in the Cold War and Vietnam.

Winning the Hearts of the People.

Rules of War

The Sister City Association of Sarasota

Sarasota Sister Cities and an Israeli Soldier on a Tank

I've known War and I've known Peace

Peace is better

On the Great Seal of the United States the eagle grasps an olive branch in its right talon and a bundle of arrows in its left talon. The olive branch traditionally has been recognized as a symbol for peace.

The olive branch has thirteen olives and olive leaves balanced by of thirteen arrows. They represent the thirteen original colonies.

Olive Branch and Arrows

War and Peace